Friday, September 26, 2014

Prevent Baldness By Stopping The DHT Hormone

There are a lot of reasons out there why a person may start to lose their hair, but nothing seems to affect more people than a hormone called DHT. For men facing male pattern baldness this is one of the biggest factors that they must control in order to avoid facing extreme hair loss.

If you can halt the production of this hormone you'll easily prevent balding. Now there are a few products and even prescription drugs that you can get your hands on to help you regrow and stop losing hair further, but these can often pose a health risk. So what causes DHT to form in the first place and are there some good measures to take to eliminate it?

How DHT Usually Gets Its Start

Knowing exactly how this hormone forms is the starting point to controlling your hair loss condition. DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone, so it's a byproduct hormone of testosterone.

What many people fail to realize is that testosterone isn't just a male hormone. Women actually produce a certain amount of it for their normal bodily functions too, it's just more prevalent in men for growing facial hair and giving them a deeper, masculine voice.

It's an enzyme in the body called 5 alpha-reductase that takes testosterone and converts it into DHT to help grow facial hair in men and it also helps with various other hormonal functions. 

Sometimes though 5 alpha-reductase just doesn't know when to stop producing DHT and this is when all sorts of problems start, hair loss being one of them. 

In recent years researchers have come up with baldness drugs like Propecia to help prevent the formation of DHT so that losing hair becomes a thing of the past. Only problem is that Propecia tends to have some terrible side effects of a sexual nature. 

Really there isn't a real need in going to a doctor for assistance with stopping DHT, it's as easy as taking advantage of a few natural substances that block the hormone.

Natural DHT Blockers Lead The Way to Hair Growth

Let's now talk about a few natural herbal ingredients that have shown some promising benefits for both men and women who experience balding problems. When I first started losing my hair I discovered that saw palmetto was a really beneficial herb to get into my system on a daily basis. 

Saw palmetto is linked to even such things as good prostate health in men and some claim that it's so effective that it's like taking Propecia minus the side effects. You just have to make it a regular part of your daily supplement routine much like you would any vitamin.

Preventing Hair Fall Is Possible With Saw Palmetto

Another helpful rarely used herb is Pygeum. This particular herb helps reduce DHT levels in your bloodstream while keeping the hormone from attaching to hair follicle receptor cells. Usually when DHT attaches to your follicles it chokes them out until they fall out, resulting in a shortened hair growth cycle.

Once your hair growth cycle slows down more and more your hair eventually stops growing totally. At this point you'll notice a significant amount of hair fall that must be taken care of. It's good advice to take Pygeum along with Saw Palmetto for the greatest benefits. 

Prevent Balding With Sips Of Green Tea

Sometimes you don't have to pop any type of pill or supplement to get rid of a hair loss condition or stop one. Sipping green tea may be all it take for renewed growth of hair.

Green tea has been shown to have some remarkable health benefits linked to things like fighting cancer and losing weight. Drinking green tea in moderation will enable you to avoid further loss of your hair as well. You only need a cup a day for maximum effectiveness.

So why does green tea work so well to boost hair growth? It actually has chemical compounds found in it called catechins that are said to work against the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase responsible for producing DHT. That's not all! This tea also makes hair grow back due to it's anti-inflammatory properties. This is why it's so important that you make drinking a cup of it a regular part of your daily routine. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How to Prevent Balding By Controlling Dandruff Buildup

It's bad enough to have to deal with a hair loss problem. It's a whole different ballgame when you have to put up with dandruff on top of it. Really though the two can go hand in hand. 

To truly prevent balding hair you need to control the amount of dandruff buildup that you may be experiencing right now.

What Triggers Dandruff Anyhow?

Dandruff just doesn't show up out of nowhere. It forms due to several causes that you can easily control. When there is an increased amount of oil production in your scalp or even a climate change, this puts stress on your scalp and hair. 

Even trying to treat thinning hair with the use of some topical products can lead to dry, flaky scalp as well. Minoxidil is one of the biggest choices on the market for men and women fighting pattern baldness. I'm sure you've heard of Rogaine right? Well this is the stuff we're talking about.

It's got a ton of alcohol in it which is the real reason behind the dandruff it can cause. You should stay away from any type of product that has alcohol in it since this can actually make your hair fall out even more. 

How Can Dandruff Lead To Baldness?

It might sound sort of strange to hear that dandruff can cause a person to go bald but in reality it's very possible. Even if you don't go completely bald you are destined to lose a lot of hair from it.

Men in particular seem to have the biggest problems handling this scalp condition as well as hair loss at the same time. What can you do about it? Should you shampoo your hair more often?

Shampooing your hair more than three times a week will only make things worse. This could even lead to more hair loss frustrations since it can strip your hair of the natural oils it needs to grow. 

The situation with dandruff is that it clogs your hair follicle pores when not taken care of properly. Your follicles need room to grow and soak up nutrients from blood passing through your scalp. Cut off this flow and they will die off little by little. 

So what can you do in order to ensure your hair grows like it should and to prevent baldness from taking place? Rather than rely on an over-the-counter shampoo for dandruff which may contain harsh chemicals, you can actually use natural coconut oil.

Massage some extra virgin coconut oil into your scalp every night and then follow this up with a good zinc-based, organic shampoo to wash it away. This is a home remedy that's safe and will not cause harm to your hair. 

Coconut oil itself has plenty of nutrients in it known to actually trigger hair growth, so it's a good choice for anyone needing to eliminate hair fall.

Start Regrowing Your Hair With Organic Shampoo

I could talk all day and come up with a thousand reasons why you should consider sticking with organic shampoo, but to sum it all up in one word here's the reason . . . ingredients.

Just as some people fail to read ingredients listed on foods they eat, many rarely even look at what's inside the cleansers they wash their hair with. What about you? Do you ever glance to see what's there? Don't feel bad, I was guilty at one point of not caring what I washed my hair with.

We just discussed how important it is to take charge against fighting dandruff. Shampoo is a major hair product that you need to be VERY selective about using no matter what you do. 

Almost all of what's out there have chemicals in them called sulfates. Sodium lauryl sulfate is one of them that you can find in things like dish detergent as well. Who on Earth would put dish detergent in their hair and wash it?

Not many would but this same type of chemical is what helps some shampoo to bubble up with suds and lather. This is so that you appear to be giving yourself a really nice hair wash but in reality you're slowly destroying hair. 

Organic shampoo is all-natural. You will not find weird chemicals you can't pronounce in them. Go for those with herbs like sage and minerals like zinc in them. These two are very powerful in stimulating more hair growth. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Aloe Vera Is The Ultimate Hair Regrowth Tool

For anyone who is looking to stop their hair from falling out repeatedly, aloe vera is one of the best natural tools to get the job done.

A lot of men and women who are losing hair are also faced with various scalp conditions that contribute to this problem.

Do you find your hair and scalp to be very dry and dandruff-prone? This may possibly affect the rate at which your hair grows.

Why invest your time in the use of aloe vera to prevent balding in the first place? There are many reasons.

First of all this natural plant has over 20 different minerals as well as vitamins like A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E. Vitamin A works as an anti-oxidant that helps your scalp to produce the natural oil called sebum. Good sebum amounts help you to avoid dandruff and other irritating scalp conditions.

Vitamins C and all of the B variations work well to stimulate blood circulation. Without good blood flow you're going to experience baldness quite fast. You're starving your follicles from receiving the necessary nutrients that they need when there isn't a sufficient amount of blood passing through the scalp.

Ways to Use Aloe Vera To Regrow Lost Hair

Let's talk about some ways in which you can use aloe vera and aloe vera products to see some changes happen fast. If you search around the internet or even in some beauty supply store chains, you'll find many shampoos and hair care products that have aloe vera included in them.

This is great except that there is one danger that you can't always avoid. A lot of the products out there have just a small amount of the plant in them. On top of that they also throw in a few harsh chemical additives that may do more harm than good.

I've always been a firm believer in getting my hands on an aloe vera plant and cutting it open to strain the gel from the leaves. It's 100% natural and poses absolutely no risk to your hair.

If you want to know where to find one just head over to your local home improvement store's garden section. If you want to save some gas just go online to various sites like and others and you'll find them there too.

Make Your Own Homemade Aloe Vera Shampoo

What I want to reveal to you is one of the best homemade natural shampoo recipes to get your hair growing back better than ever. This shampoo works especially well if you are dealing with dandruff or tend to have dry hair associated with thinning hair.

This aloe vera shampoo consists first of all of aloe vera gel mixed with coconut milk. Those are the only two ingredients necessary to complete the recipe.

It's very important that you observe pH levels when using any hair cleanser or hair product. pH levels determine how dry or oily a product is. It's recommended that any product you use have a pH level of 7 or less, any higher and you run the risk of damaging your hair's condition. 

Thankfully when you combine these substances you get a pH of 4.5. This is perfect! Normal, healthy growing hair has a pH between 4.5 and 5.5. 

You'll need:

  • 2.5 oz of coconut milk (75mL)
  • 3 oz of aloe vera gel
Mix them together and massage through your wet hair using your finger tips. Leave it on for about two to three minutes and then rinse away. It's really that simple!

Aloe Vera Dry Hair Remedy

What if you want to form a remedy that you can leave on to eliminate dryness of your hair? Aloe vera is your answer.

To make this do-it-yourself leave-on gel just mix 1/4 cup of almond oil with 1/2 cup of aloe vera gel. Apply to your scalp and leave on for 20 to 30 minutes. What this will do is maintain moisture in your scalp through out the day.

For centuries natural hair loss remedies have been used to eliminate baldness and they continue to provide amazing benefits. No one has the time or money to waste on expensive treatments that often fail time and time again. Put these remedies to use and you'll soon see the changes you've been looking for.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

DIY Shampoo to Stop Hair Loss In Its Tracks

If you want to know how to effectively prevent balding and even jump start some new hair growth, you should consider making your own shampoo. I know it can sound a bit of a hassle, but it's really not that hard. 

In fact making your own shampoo to combat a hair loss problem might just put you on track to a better head of hair. 

How Your Shampoo Can Cause Balding

Depending on what type of shampoo you use, it may lead to significant amounts of shedding and eventual baldness. It's all due to the ingredients that are packed inside a lot of products on the market. 

These ingredients go far beyond just hair wash. You can find chemical additives and fillers that destroy your hair's pH levels even in holding sprays, gels and creams used to style your hair.

What are hair pH levels? These levels determine how acidic your scalp and hair is as opposed to how greasy it may be. For example normal, healthy growing hair has a pH level between 4.5 and 5.5. Anything below 4.5 or over 5.5 is not something you want to have

Below 4.5 means that your hair is too acidic which is why you may have hair that's dry or even a scalp that constantly itches. Over 5.5 and you'll have to deal with a scalp and hair that's almost always greasy and oily. This can clog your follicles and slow down the rate your hair grows. 

So overall finding the balance is the key. How can you tell if your pH levels are off right now?

Here are a few basic signs:
  • Hair that's breaking or shedding
  • Dandruff/flaky scalp
  • Itchy scalp
  • Dry scalp
  • Eczema or rash on your scalp
  • Losing an excessive amount of hair every day
Of course this list can go on and on but these are a common few. Controlling these symptoms is a MUST in order to get rid of a hair loss problem once and for all.

Get Started Making Your Own  Shampoo for Thinning Hair

What I want to reveal to you is a simple, natural shampoo used to help control hair thinning you can make today. It uses just a few basic ingredients that all actually help your hair to grow. 

Here's what you'll need:

  1. One can of coconut milk
  2. 1 3/4 cups of pure aloe vera gel
  3. Essential oils of your choice (We recommend almond or jojoba in a teaspoon sized amount)

Start out mixing all ingredients into a bowl or container of your choice. Once evenly mixed pour it into ice trays you keep in the freezer. Place the trays full of shampoo mix into the freezer and wait until it is totally frozen. 

Pop out a cube of the shampoo before you take your next shower or decide to wash your hair. This should be done at least 24 hours in advance and let it thaw out in a separate container. 

Shampoo your hair the way you normally do being sure to work it into your scalp and let sit for about 30 seconds minimum. When you start using this DIY shampoo recipe you'll notice that it doesn't lather up like normal types. DO NOT add more cubes, this isn't necessary. A cube-sized amount is enough to completely do the job for you. 

Many people want to know exactly how often they should wash their hair in order to get the best results. It's recommended that you shampoo at least every other day or three times per week. Anything more than this could affect the pH levels in your hair and scalp.

Also when it comes time to dry your hair, blot it with a soft towel. Definitely avoid using heating machines like blow dryers and even curling irons if possible. They can cause breakage which will only aggravate your thinning hair. 

By adding vitamin E to the DIY shampoo mixture I just showed you, this will serve to moisturize your hair if you suffer from dry hair or dry scalp. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Avoid Going Bald With a Diet Plan

You see yourself in the mirror everyday and then just on your way out the door you stop for that final inspection and bam what do you see? You notice that your hair is starting to fall out more and more rapidly.

What can you do about the problem? What's causing this to happen in the first place? It's in your best interest of course to find ways to prevent balding so that you don't have to hide from society.

A great way to start making those necessary changes to the way your hair grows is by examining your diet. Yes the foods you put in your mouth can very well mean more hair or that continued path to hair elimination.

We've outlined some foods you can get your hands on now so that you can prevent hair fall later. 


One interesting fact about walnuts are that they're the ONLY nuts that contain omega 3 fatty acids. Just in case you're not familiar with this acid, it's totally responsible for insuring that your hair grows the way it should. It's also linked in promoting good overall health to fight off depression and asthma symptoms. 

These nuts are filled with biotin as well as vitamin E. Whenever your body lacks biotin it often results in a loss of your hair too. Next time you sit down to eat a salad, one unique way to spice things up and further give yourself an advantage in treating baldness is by adding walnut oil to your salad dressing or stir-fry instead of the usual canola or safflower oil.


Eggs are known for their protein levels and many bodybuilders and personal training enthusiasts have relied on them for those gains in muscle strength as well. For anyone who is dealing with male pattern baldness or a general thinning of the hair, getting more eggs in your diet is crucial.

Eggs will give you a major boost in zinc, selenium, sulfur and iron. All of these minerals contribute to a healthy scalp and hair. If you're a woman who is losing hair then the iron found in eggs are extremely important.

Many women experience a loss of hair due to low iron levels. These foods will bring those levels back up and hair regrowth is soon to follow.


They may not be the most pleasant looking creatures to see on your plate, but oysters are definitely something you should consider eating more of if you are to stop hair loss.

They are rich in zinc, a mineral that will help stop dandruff from forming that's associated with balding hair. Many shampoo products designed to eliminate thin hair use zinc in them as well.

Snack Foods That Help Fight Baldness

Sometimes you might just want to sit down, watch your favorite show and have a snack. Everyone isn't always in the mood for a big meal. Even during these times you can eat better for added hair loss prevention. 

Below we've outlined a few snack food choices that have amazing hair and scalp benefits. 


Not only are they sweet and delicious, but raisins contain high levels of iron which contribute to incredible amounts of hair growth. So if you're in the mood for something sweet, you may want to grab a box of raisins instead of those cookies and cupcakes. They will do more for your hair. 

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt has twice the protein of regular yogurt and on top of that it's packed with zinc, vitamins B6 and B12 and has a lot of potassium to help fix any hair loss condition. To avoid losing your hair snack on Greek yogurt and even add some fruit to it for added benefits. 


Blueberries are some of the best sources of vitamin C. Not only will you give yourself a boost in immunity from sickness, but blueberries' vitamin C amounts actually increase blood circulation. What does this mean as far as your hair is concerned? 

Your hair follicles rely on nutrients from your blood in order to grow like they should. Added vitamin C will help support flood flow in your scalp so that your follicles are equipped with what they need. Not to mention that vitamin C also helps you better absorb other minerals essential for fighting baldness such as iron. 

It's quite easy to go out and buy some type of product and apply it to your scalp in hopes that your hair will eventually grow back. Often times these products fail to work as promised. 

Eating healthier and making changes to your diet isn't easy. Don't give up. It's a gradual process that you can make a regular habit by adding new foods to your normal diet each week.